UPDATE:   We have recieved confirmation from DEP and our Health Inspector that it was a data entry error.   This error was corrected prior to the DLN article being printed.   I only wish this reporter took the time to do accurate research.  


I wanted to take a moment to address the Daily Local News article referencing Curiosity Corner as having an excess amount of Lead reported via one sample done between 2012 and present. I did speak with the DLN reporter and I provided him with all lead testing results (tested quarterly via Clean Stream Water, INC and Suburban Testing Labs) since I purchased the school in 2013 and all numbers have been well below the required 15 ppb. Our drinking water continues to remain safe for our children and we would certainly notify our families if our water testing resulted in anything different. We are also looking into where the data for the this article originally came from since testing done by Clean Stream and DEP have been clear of any exceedances for the past 3 years. The USA Today article The Daily Local News references for all of its data findings does identify problems with the action-level exceedance records.   Among the problems seen were Incorrect Data Entry.    Based on the fact Curiosity Corner has used a private company to test their water system even prior to the chance in ownership, we strongly feel that incorrect data entry may be the cause of an exceedance being identified in that sampling.