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Exceptional Childcare

Plain and Simple

Promoting the concept of “learning through doing,” our classrooms are arranged in a way that encourages children to learn about the world they live in through self-directed interactions with a variety of age-appropriate manipulations and activities.  Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for your child to learn, grow, and explore. 

Playing with Toys


Ages 6 weeks to 9 months

A stimulating environment for Curiosity Corner’s youngest learners!  The classroom and care-giving approaches are designed to encourage babies to explore their world through language, sensory experiences, and movement in order to stimulate growth for future successes in learning.  The teachers in the Lamb Room help the babies feel secure in their surroundings through one-on-one nurturing and affection.  Each child in our care is truly unique and special and the Lamb Room is perfectly tailored to meet all their individual needs!

Lambs Class


Ages 9 months to 15 months

The Joey classroom was created to allow our mobile infants the space and ability to move around more freely.  In this classroom we continue to focus on the individual needs of the child while encouraging each child to develop fine and large motor skills.  Our Joey teachers incorporate social and language skills in all domains used to establish their curriculum and daily activities.  We love watching our Joeys find independence while learning to explore their environment in their own unique way.

Red Head Baby
Joeys Class
Kids Playing with Lego


Ages 15 months to 24 months

The transition to young toddler is such an important milestone in your child’s life and the Kangaroo Room and its teachers provide a nurturing, supportive environment for all these new developments to take place.  While recognizing the wide spectrum of developmental norms, the Kangaroo curriculum is designed to foster achievement of critical skills for all the students.  We love watching our Kangaroos learn about themselves and the world around them.

Kangaroos Class


Ages 2 years to 3 years

Our Turtles are a busy bunch of little learners! They are discovering their independence, which leads them to eagerly share their accomplishments with everyone around them. Education in this room involves many stimulating and engaging activities that keep up with the pace and attention span of two-year-olds. The Turtles’ daily schedule incorporates learning opportunities about self-care, socialization and the physical world that are cleverly disguised as fun and games. Your Turtle is sure to come home full of smiles and stories about their day!

Kids in Slide
Turtles Class
Child Playing


Ages 3 years to 4 years

Three-year-old's have such inquisitive minds! The Chipmunk Room provides the ideal environment to foster learning and development in a manner that appeals to the students’ natural curiosity. With hands-on centers easily accessible throughout the classroom, the Chipmunks begin to take part in directing their own learning experiences, while still benefiting from the structure of classroom activities led by qualified teachers. With an active schedule conducive to the high energy level of their age group, the Chipmunks learn valuable skills such as interpersonal communication and teamwork through engaging in exciting learning activities!

Chipmunks Class


Ages 4 years to Kindergarten

Pre-school is such an exciting time in children’s lives! Upon entering this classroom, they have reached a point in their development where their learning becomes even more meaningful and applicable to their daily lives. Exploration becomes purposeful and foundational concepts of academics begin to take root. We at Curiosity Corner recognize this shift in perspective and have structured the classroom environment and curriculum to promote an enriched discovery of new ideas, concepts and skills while still emphasizing socio-emotional development. The months spent in the Tiger Room preparing for kindergarten are filled with stimulating and engaging learning opportunities!

Top View of Kids Playing
Tigers Class

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