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Curiosity Corner



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We take the curriculum at our school serious.  That's why we have partnered with The Creative Curriculum to provide our children with the leading research-based and top-ranked childcare curriculum in the market.

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Conveniently located just over 5 minutes from the 30 bypass and Rt. 10 intersection, we are easy to get to yet not so easy you'll find us in a shopping complex or with a playground up against a highway.  A peaceful and safe location where you can feel good about your childcare.  

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Staying Connected

Through the use of the Tadpoles app, we provide our families with important updates about their children’s day with a daily report that securely shares photos, videos, and up-to-the-minute information about their child's routines.

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Keystone Star 4

Curiosity Corner Children's Academy is a Star 4 accredited center within the Keystone Stars program.  Keystone Stars is Pennsylvania's quality rating system with Star 4 being the highest accreditation. 

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Teachers are the heart and soul of the school, and our staff has an average tenure of 10 years in the early education industry.  We work hard to create an environment where good teachers not only want to come...but want to stay.

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Natural Space

Sitting on private acres in a residential setting, we have plenty of space for our children to run, play, and explore with two large age-appropriate playgrounds surrounded by nature. Not exactly the traffic volume a corporate franchise relies on, but for us we prefer relying on a solid reputation built on 40+ years of caring for children.

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